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27 October
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about moi...

Laura Melanie. 30. College grad. I love singing, ever since I was 3 years old. Love to travel. I'm a working girl. I have a dog named Sebastian & he's a Shih Tzu. Chocolate & strawberries addict. Love Hondas, and I love my Accord. I love photography! just the simple things. LJ Addict at heart! & proud ;P I love graphic/icon making. Love to read. Love to write, blog, hence LJ. Starbucks junkie, white mochas are my fave. I love Twitter!
adding friends..
I am currently adding friends! It's been a crazy year already & some of my friends have stopped updating, which is understandable because I have left LJ for a little while. But I am happy to change that & I will be updating on a regular basis now. Please read my friends only entry, comment & hopefully I can meet some more cool peeps on here :) Oh & if you know of any neat communities or graphic communities let me know b/c I have been out of the loop for awhile now & some communities I liked died :(
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